Whitemoss Landfill, Skelmersdale expansion – what will go there? Fracking waste!

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We have been out this morning, in the pouring rain, to meet up with and support local people at the Whitemoss landfill site in Skelmersdale.  You can just about make out Brian to the left of the photo under a black umbrella (behind the lady in the purple coat). Maureen was taking the photos!  This was supposed to be a panorama shot, but I can’t get the photos to lie alongside each other…………….

After several successful applications over the years by Whitemoss to extend the landfill’s life the planning permission required the site to be finished with by 31 December 2018 and restoration to be completed by 31 December 2019. This was extended last year by the Secretary of State to 2035!

This debacle is yet another example of government overruling local authorities to allow an extension to the life and remit of the landfill.  We wonder why…………could it be to accept hazardous fracking waste from Lancashire?


Note Rosie Cooper’s comments at the bottom of the article.   She has declared herself anti-fracking until it is proven safe (never!) and has agreed to come along to our next meeting.

A Judicial Review has been launched by a resident to overturn the decision but they need help with funding:


Ian Crane was there today, we met Ian in Preston last month at the Cuadrilla DCC meetings.  He hosts a very good weekly You Tube video about fracking, well worth a look:


This week he looks at landfill sites!

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