What a difference 5 years make?


The Conservative party manifesto of 2010 stated:

But we will not succeed in building the Big Society, or in building a new economic model, unless we stop government trying to direct everything from the centre. We will get nowhere with yet more top-down state control.  So, after thirteen years of Labour, we need radical political reform.  We need to change the whole way this country is run.  As Conservatives, we trust people.

We believe that if people are given more responsibility, they will behave more responsibly. We believe that if you decentralise power, you get better results and better value for money. So the plans set out in this manifesto represent an unprecedented redistribution of power and control from the central to the local, from politicians and the bureaucracy to individuals, families and neighbourhoods.

We will give people much more say over the things that affect their daily lives. We will make government, politics and public services much more open and transparent. And we will give the people who work in our public services much greater responsibility. But in return, they will have to answer to the people. All these measures will help restore trust in our broken political system.

Mr. Cameron, is what you are now proposing as regards fracking giving the people “much more say over the things that affect their daily lives”?  Yet more broken promises…………

The one you are creating is indeed a “broken political system”.

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