Final Version Aurora_Formby_3D_AOI_SXRX_Lancs_only_A2_1200_160428_9_-1_001Final Version Aurora_Formby_3D_AOI_SXRX_Lancs_only_A2_1200_160428_9_-1_001Final Version Aurora_Formby_3D_AOI_SXRX_Lancs_only_A2_1200_160428_9_-1_001

The map of the West Lancs part of the seismic survey area is available on LCC’s website:


So at last we have it NO THANKS TO AURORA who, when asked last week by your Borough Councillor for a better map than that which they had provided to Halsall Parish Council, replied:

It is not our intention to issue any more detailed maps of the proposed survey than those which we have already supplied.  The reason for this is the same as that given by the OGA in response to your FOI request in July 2015 namely to protect the privacy of landowners who either have or have not granted access for the survey.

Not great “community engagement”?

You can now see more clearly whether you are in the survey area.  From the 2014 correspondence Tesla advised that the blue dots are what they call the “receivers” and the red dots are what they call the “source”.  They explained in their Public Notice back in 2014:

Surveying operations will be confined predominantly to open farmland and a few roads. The process will initially involve a number of specially adapted small agricultural tractors drilling regularly spaced  shot holes (approximately 5m depth) along a series of pre-determined traverse lines. Each shot hole will be loaded with a small seismic source charge.
An extensive network of passive receiver nodes will then be positioned on the ground surface. Once sufficient nodal spread is in situ, data recording will commence. Individual shot hole falling within the active recording spread will be revisited and the source charge fired, possibly producing a slight muffled ‘thud’. Alternatively, the source will be provided by one or more slow moving specialist tractor units, travelling along roads and tracks, stopping at regular intervals and sending a vibration frequency signal into the ground. The data recording will slowly migrate across the survey area until the works are completed.
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