Lee Miller walks from Leeds to Liverpool to highlight the dangers posed by fracking!


Lee is walking from Leeds to Liverpool before the Cuadrilla/LCC Appeal Inquiry to unite Yorkshire and Lancashire against the dangers faced by threats of fracking.

After “a bit of a do” about timing, several of our HAF group met up with Lee on a wet, grey morning on the Leeds/Liverpool canal between Scarisbrick and Halsall (we have Dwight’s permission to share these photos of Seb).  The excitement got the better of us and we almost forgot to take any photos!  Thanks Dwight!

Apologies to all those who were unable to catch up with us (Shelagh and Lynn and friends) because of the revised timings…………


Along the way, completely out of the blue, there was a display of support for Lee from a house on the canal; magic!  He was invited in for a well earned cuppa!  Many thanks to that kind lady!

IMG_20160206_115311 (1)

Lee started off today at Burscough Bridge and will finish in Maghull before dark.  He will start again tomorrow morning at 10am in Maghull carrying on into Liverpool to meet up with Frack Free Lancashire members.  Hopefully we can remember to take some photos tomorrow morning!

Watch this space!

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