HAF meeting 18th August 2015


Our meeting on 18th August was very well attended and the group was updated on events since the last meeting; the many, many events…………….!  We have had ups and downs, much like an emotional roller-coaster ride over the past few months!  The group remains totally committed to defending our area and supporting other areas against dirty fracking!  The seismic survey in PEDL 164 is most likely to be deferred until 2016, but it is unlikely to go away and we will be prepared.

We heard from our very good supporters, Friends of the Earth, about alternative energy in the form of wind and solar.  Solar for the home was explained in detail and also what we can do for ourselves to alter our lifestyles to align with installation of solar on our rooftops.  The sun doesn’t shine 24/7!  Well, it does but just not in Halsall!   We also heard about the effects of climate change that don’t always feature in the news and just how recently we have started to muck up the planet.

There was lively debate about solar farm projects and how better and respectful Consultation with the affected communities by some of the companies running these projects might make a huge difference to attitudes!  Some clearly need to listen more to local communities.  From recent experience the visual aspect of onshore wind farms is clearly a subject of debate for some, but some have no problem with the turbines particularly when farm animals and agriculture can and do happily co-exist with them.

Many thanks to Friends of the Earth and to all those members who attended.  Also thanks to those members that couldn’t make it on 18th but are strong supporters of the group!

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