Cuadzilla to appeal the democratic decisions of LCC



Cuadrilla, or should we call them Cuadzilla?, have announced today that they will appeal all 4 democratic decisions made by Lancashire County Council’s Development Control Committee in June.  They have said:

“Cuadrilla plans to appeal Lancashire County Council’s (LCC) Development Control Committee’s decisions last month to refuse planning consent for two applications for temporary shale gas exploration sites. The applications sought planning permission to drill, hydraulically fracture and test the flow of gas from up to four exploration wells on each of two sites, one at Preston New Road and the other at Roseacre Wood.

We will also be appealing the refusal of a separate planning application to install seismic and ground water monitoring stations around the proposed Preston New Road exploration site. A similar planning application was granted for monitoring works around the proposed Roseacre Wood exploration site, however we will also appeal against certain conditions imposed on this planning consent.”

They will base their appeals on Stuart Perigo’s (the then LCC Planning Officer) recommendations.  We are given to understand that Stuart Perigo is no longer with LCC; watch this space for where he turns up!

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